Saudi National Channel

Saudi National Channel

The shelves of the Riyadh International Book Fair hosted the book “The Bro Code of Saudi Culture”, the bestselling English-language book on Amazon, which is about the culture, values and customs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by the assistant professor at King Faisal University in Al-Ahsa Abdul Al Lily.

“During my scholarship abroad, I felt that I did not want to be close to my foreign peers. I also thought they did not want to get close to me because they had negative stereotypes about the people of Saudi Arabia. I became a source for my foreign peers answering all their questions about Saudi Arabia, until I decided to write them in a book in English in a simplified way”.

“It is the first neutral attempt to convey the customs and details of Saudi Arabia without judgment or bias, during which I interviewed 2,000 Saudis and foreigners who lived in Saudi Arabia and had the ability to notice customs in Saudi Arabia that were different from the customs in their own country. I have arranged the book sequentially on the human body from head to foot, talking about the Saudi norms and values related to each part of the body,” Al Lily said.

Al Lily continued: “My main goal is to deliver this book to a larger number of people in the West, and for the book to be a reference for Saudi students aboard to answer the questions of their scholarship to answer the questions of their foreign peers about Saudi culture.”

For the source, click HERE.

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