Book Signing, Bahrain

Book Signing, Bahrain


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I would like to thank Prof. Abdul Al Lily for the book. Being in Saudi for almost 3 years, I am still experiencing and learning its fascinating culture. The book represents facts about Saudi and Saudis, some of them are very familiar for me, but many – absolutely unexpected and new. There are so many things to explore, to find out and to be impressed by. I highly encourage to read the book everyone who currently lives in Saudi or plans to visit the country, at the same time I am sure the book is very interesting to read for general audience and for general education. (less)

The book presents quite unique material on some aspects of social life in Saudi Arabia. This can be of great use to expats living in the kingdom. It is revealing and at times even funny for locals. The content is non-judgmental and shown in minute detail. Knowing something about the thorough research done by the author enhances a reader’s opinion about objectivity and the informative aspect of the book.

I was honoured to meet Abdul Al Lily in person and to recieve a signed “Bro Code Of Saudi Cuture”. When I started reading I could not stop. Many things I recognized as well new information interested me very much. I am happy to have this book, so that I understand Arabic people and my Arabic friends better, as well during doing business with them and sharing frienship with them. José van Helden Van Helden International Business The Netherlands

I recommend this book to anyone curious about Saudi Arabia. It’s easy to read, unbiased, and answers many of the questions people have about this mysterious and controversial culture. As a current employee living and working in Saudi Arabia, I found it very interesting, informative, and accurate about what I’ve observed.

The Bro Code of Saudi Culture is a very accessible book because it is written in tweet size messages and because of the style of writing. It is sometimes humorous and informative at the same time. I am European and would especially recommend the book to other Europeans and other non Arabs/ Saudis/ Muslims. There are so many things we would never know about the culture and way of living. There are things we would never even think about because it is totally different in Europe. That makes it even more interesting to get knowledge about this. It is good to learn about other cultures, ways of living etc. I would say it even develops me as a person and it was my pleasure reading it too. I would highly recommend the book of Mr. Al Lily. Thank you very much.

The author did a great job in explaining those “unwritten” Saudi customs to the outsiders. As a student living in Saudi for four years, I found the book very helpful for me to get to know this country and its people better.

Lol – I was laughing throughout the book. What makes the book interesting is that it is a reflection of an interestingly insane reality. I found the book very informative. Some things make you laugh while others are sad. I recommend this book for anyone interested in Saudi Arabia and Saudi culture. The book is amazing and so funny. Saudi culture is insane and here is the proof.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Over the past 5 years, I have lived and worked in Saudi. I have found this book to be quite insightful and funny. I have observed these “rules” being played out in day to day life. The dynamics between Saudis and expats are shifting due to Saudization. Prior to this process, interactions with Saudis were of mythical proportions (you had heard of them but never really saw them, kinda like BigFoot). Now, interactions are prominent as more and more Saudis are working in all kinds of career fields then a decade ago. This book provides the bridge between expats and Saudi citizens offering better understanding of each other. Al Lily is correct as there is very little material available about Saudi life outside of the politically motivated agendas. He handles the subject matter effortlessly. He provides the first, of hopefully, many more resources to come.

Since I’m in Saudi Arabia and I’ve found it different to understand this culture, I felt obligated to read this book. Although I am a bit dyslexic, I’ve found this book easy to read because it’s written in tweet-sized points. Why aren’t all books written in tweet-sized points? I’ve learnt a lot a lot about Saudi culture through this book – to be honest, I don’t know if I can even know more about this culture, as the book is unbelievably comprehensive and deliver SO many norms and habits. Literally, every sentence (or two sentences) covers one norm. THis book is surely well crafted.

I read all 666 rules in one night! It’s a fascinating read. I have online friends from Saudi and they expected it to be inaccurate but did, in fact, confirm everything I quoted to them. I now feel it has given me a deeper understanding of our interactions and also the interactions I’ve witnessed between them.

UK Amazon Reviews

UK Amazon Reviews

UK Amazon Reviews

Having lived in the Gulf for 10+ years I was looking for a book to give to newbies we recruited at work to give them an idea of what was to come but also to give me some ideas of how to better organise a cultural induction for them. I bought a couple of different books to give me some ideas what to do but by far this is the most interesting of the guides. It is so much better than I was expecting. If you want facts and figures about KSA then go on Wikipedia; this books is written in an easy format where you can pick it up and read form nay section about a range of topics. As a Saudi who has lived both in Saudi and in KSA it’s obvious he’s been able to see his country through different eyes. I can also tell he’s listened to a lot of women before writing this! My favourite bit is the when he asks a huge group of uni students about their opinions and then summarises reports what they said. I’d love to ask the same questions to uni students in my own country and look and the diverse range of opinions. So conclude, it not only served it’s purpose but I also decided to buy a copy for each person that we recruit so they can read it before arriving.

This book is totally unique and I think it is required reading for any foreigner travelling to Saudi Arabia. It sets out in an extremely matter of fact way, based on empirical research and interviews with Saudi nationals, the complex network of social customs and rules that govern people’s lives within the country. This is something you will not find even in well written political analyses of the country. It gives a truly fascinating insight into the minutiae of ordinary Saudi lives and provides much needed context to all the hype and headlines regarding the country. I imagine that some Saudis may view the book as generalising about their culture, but I’m also sure that much of what the book contains is indeed accurate. I am looking forward to reading it again before my next trip to Riyadh as I’m sure it will help me navigate Saudi society.

This book is very infromative and funny. I have lived in Saudi Arabia for a Long time and I still learnt something new. All the things are so true, some make you lough others are just sad. For example, I liked the fact that Saudi’s become related with one another if they were breastfeed by the same person. I would recommend the book to anyone interested in Saudi culture.

As an educator who has been working in Saudi Arabia for a few years, this book really helped me understand the cultural nuances and sub-cultures that exist within the country.As a result I was able to communicate much better with my students.I would definitely recommend this book to anyone travelling to the Saudi Arabia in the not too distant future.

If you really want to know the KSA’s culture, if you want to know the code of conduct used in SAUDI, if you want to have also the unwritten rules, then this book is what you are looking for. The author was able to explain these in a simple, effective and clear way.

The author shows a very interesting and educating view of the values, rules and especialy the code of the Saudi culture and society. I recommend everyone to read it.

I am new to Saudi Arabia and this book offers excellent ‘under the surface’ insight to a fascinating and much misunderstood country.

Goodreads Review

Saudi Arabia

Goodreads Review

The author did a great job in explaining those “unwritten” Saudi customs to the outsiders. As a student living in Saudi for four years, I found the book very helpful for me to get to know this country and its people better.

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