This Amazon bestselling book is featured and talked about in different languages by well-known figures, magazines, academic journals and newspapers. It is available in Spanish and soon in Chinese. It is added to the reading list of the Saudi-British Society, which declares the book to have ‘gained a lot of interest and attention’. It is ‘an easy read filled with great information and lots of laughs along the way’ (American blogger). It is ‘fascinating and witty, a bit of a hoot and fun’ (British academic journal reviewer). It is ‘suitable for intercultural communication’ (African Google Book reviewer). It ‘can be used as a “training manual” for expats’ (Jordanian reviewer). It ‘takes you from “oh ok, it makes sense” to “omg, are you serious???”’ (Romanian reviewer). It ‘provides guidance far beyond the other guidebooks’ (US Amazon reviewer). It involves ‘a ground-breaking easy-to-read presentation of [Saudi culture]’ (British reviewer). It shows ‘great one-liners about Saudi culture’ (Pakistani reviewer). It is ‘a smart responsible and ethical work’ (Saudi reviewer). It helps one understand Saudi culture ‘from every facet of their lives, literally!’ (UK Amazon reviewer). One Saudi reviewer said: ‘“yeah we do that” was a constant feeling throughout the book’. Another review is: ‘Living in Saudi Arabia for eight years[,] this book gives me a perspective I never would have anticipated!’ An Australian scholar wrote: ‘I found this a very illuminating examination of many of the peculiar practices I’ve encountered during fieldwork in the country’. A Dutch goodreads reviewer wrote: ‘When I started reading I could not stop.’ For more information about the book, click on the links below:

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